What You Should Know About Your Pastor

Here are twelve questions everyone should ask from your pastor to know if you are going to a good church.  —>


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Written by kjfriend2 | Originally appeared at Christians Awake to the NWO

Here are twelve questions everyone should ask from your pastor to know if you are going to a good church. You shouldn’t argue about any of it. Just know what he believes. Thank him if you can speak to him directly. Let him answer without a rebuttal. Just listen and compare what he says to the word of God later and pray about it because finding a church is a big task and a huge life decision. It is rare that any pastor does everything right. If he does not meet all this criteria, he may be OK but I would make sure you teach your children and family how he is off.  You should go to your Bible and research here on CA2NWO through the search bar or online if your pastor is off on a topic. Currently my pastor here in Southern California does not meet this criteria.

  1. Are you a Freemason?  The reason you want to know about this is that there are no Christians that would want to be part of this organization. There is a lot of memorization to go through the different degrees and because there are member fees, you will be spending a lot of time being influenced by the wealthy and powerful in your area. That means pastors will spend less time in God’s word. The pastors will be spending more time with the people who give the most money to the church and having fellowship with fellow Masons.
  2. What Bible do you use?  It does matter what Bible you use. Jesuits and Catholics have been pushing their Vatican false bibles and you are dealing with a broken sword if you are using anything else than a KJV in an English speaking country.
  3. Do you believe Catholics are Christians? Catholics are putting their faith on Mary as part of their salvation process and they call their spiritual leaders by the title Father and worse is the pope is called ‘Holy Father’ which is a term only for God. The Holy Ghost in the born again believer will bring a Catholic out of this whore church of Babylon.
  4. Do you believe women can be pastors? If they believe women can be pastors, they are looking to the culture rather than looking to see what the word of God says on the matter. Women in short hair and in pants are part of the same Jezebel rebellion.
  5. Do you know what the New World Order is? There are different terms for this but pastors should realize that there has been a lot of plotting for a new world order that will lead to the one world religion and the one world government of the Anti-Christ. Their motto is “Order out of Chaos”.
  6. Are you preparing your congregation for persecution? People in Western nations do not understand that if you stand up for truth, you will be persecuted and times are getting worse quickly.  The churches have been experiencing persecution for thousands of years and to think they will have none is ridiculous.
  7. Do you believe Palestine should be freed and become a country? Palestine is run by Hamas, a terrorist organization. Their children grow up learning to hate Jews and to desire their death. Jews are not perfect but the Palestinians are far worse and they should not receive any of the land of Israel. Anti-semitism is quickly and profusely permeating the false churches.
  8. Is Salvation a process or is it instant?  You will get a long explanation from people who are in churches of traditions of man. It will even seem correct with the words from a scholarly theologian but if they believe they are ‘being saved’ as opposed to ‘are saved’ they are making hoops for people to jump through in order to get saved.
  9. Does your church celebrate Christmas and Easter? If they do they are joining in with the practices and traditions of the Roman Catholic church which mixes paganism and Christianity. The Bible shows us clearly that none of the first Christians had celebrated these pagan holidays.
  10. Do you have Contemporary Christian Music as worship in your church? It does matter. Most musicians do not hold a conservative view of Christianity, some of them gay or supporting gay agendas and other sins as normal.  It is a love for the world to try to bring in people using contemporary music which often is no different than secular music and their tattooed, sexually promiscuous attire and pierced look is the same as well.
  11. Is your church 501C3 Tax exempt?  A church will make a contract with government and make the church as a business with the pastor as the CEO. It is being unequally yoked and they will influence your church and keep records of your membership, offerings and tithes.
  12. Do you know the names of the people in your congregation? If your church is a megachurch like Joel Osteen’s church, your church has no way of fellowshipping together. A pastor is responsible for the people in the church. If he is treated like a rock star and people are watching him as they are going to the movies and you have the elites in your church in the front rows who are there because they give more money, your church is not a church but a rock concert.

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