The Destruction of the Fourth Amendment is a Gateway to Tyranny

Incrementally, the government is dismantling the Bill of Rights. —>

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The reason why it is important to never allow government or anyone else to violate the Fourth and First Amendment on the internet or anywhere else is because compromising these rights could open the door for mass abuse, fraud and tyranny.

We already know that the NSA and other similar organizations don’t just target alleged terrorists with their violation of the Fourth Amendment spying programs, they also use their techniques to spy on political adversaries for campaign leverage, steal trade secrets from private sector corporations so as to be able to manipulate the economy for political and capital gain, persecute political activist, blackmail politicians and judges as well as a whole array of other tyrannical behavior.

Many people have been tricked into thinking that the federal government simply wants to accrue as much information as possible in order to target terrorism.

That’s simply not true.

The truth is they want to crack all encryption and have a dragnet of complete control over the internet and any other form of communications for their big brother Orwellian programs which could severely compromise not only businesses, but also American individuals like you.  Encryption and privacy in all forms of communication for people in the private sector is very important because people need to keep their personal information secret for numerous reasons such as:

-Preventing credit card and banking fraud.

-Theft of trade secrets.

-Campaign strategies exposure and other personal and business information that could be subject to theft, identity fraud and tyranny.

People working in these government programs (that also outsource their work to private companies) abuse their positions and you would need to be a fool to trust them.

Violating the Fourth and First Amendments opens up the door for tyranny.

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  1. I cannot help but strongly disagree with you. And how on earth is “torture,” as you put it, in violation of the Fourth Amendment? Not to mention warrants are not required for tapping phone calls and/or emails. Should the Government wish to do everything you say, things would be very, very different.

  2. Yep, and the Second Amendment was instituted to ensure that government does NOT become tyrannical and infringe on OUR other nine “secured rights”. But the government’s conspiracy to deprive us of that ABSOLUTE right is being further eroded daily. When it’s gone, say goodbye to the rest.

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