Stupid Democrats Pushing for Gun Control Are Protected by Armed Security

In addition, 26 Democrats who sat-in to push for stringent gun control legislation are gun owners themselves.  —>



Fox News reported on 6/25 that 26 of the Democrats who sat-in to push for more gun control (as opposed to border control) to prevent terror attacks were gun owners themselves.

The demonstration was a response to the ISIS-inspired Orlando shooting.

Here’s the list:

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick

Rep. Bennie Thompson

Rep. Dina Titus

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger

Rep. Jared Huffman

Rep. Jim Cooper

Rep. Jim Costa

Rep. John Carney

Rep. John Garamendi

Rep. Keith Ellison

Rep. Mike Thompson

Rep. Peter DeFazio

Rep. Peter Welch

Rep. Rick Nolan

Rep. Ron Kind

Rep. Steve Cohen

Rep. Tim Ryan

Sen. Gary Peters

Sen. Harry Reid

Sen. Mark Warner

Sen. Martin Heinrich

Sen. Patrick Leahy

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse

Sen. Tammy Baldwin

Sen. Tim Kaine

Sen. Tom Carper

Ironically, the most vociferous gun control advocates enjoy 24/7 armed security and the “sit-in” itself was protected by armed guards directly outside the Capitol and its surrounding buildings.

Despite the fact that the Orlando shooter pledged allegiance to ISIS and became radicalized as a result of his immigrant father, the left has exploited the attack to push for more firearm regulations even if similar measures failed miserably in cities like Detroit and Chicago.

It may take more ISIS attacks on U.S. soil before the political establishment understands that limiting the Second Amendment will not hinder Islamic radicalism.  Instead of arguing about gun rights, Congress ought to be passing legislation aimed at temporarily halting immigration from nations that cultivate jihadism and advocate for Shariah Law.


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