Leftist Campus Crazies Say “I Love Your Shoes” is a “Microaggression”

Politically correct thought police at UNC Chapel Hill also refer to  “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” as “microaggressions.”  —>



The Daily Caller reported on 6/25 that politically correct psychopaths at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill issued a guide in which students were instructed not to say the complimentary phrase “I love your shoes.”

In addition, the guide referred to the words “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” as “microaggressions.”

The university reportedly published the guide on 6/23 and the Daily Caller confirmed that it was, astonishingly, taxpayer-funded.

The “Understanding Microaggressions” pamphlet also referred to Christmas vacations as a “microaggression” because “academic calendars and encouraged vacations…are organized around major religious observances” that revolve around “the Christian faith.”

Evidently, talking about Christmas serves to marginalize “non-Christian spiritual rituals and observances.” With regard to saying “I love your shoes,” the compliment is apparently “problematic” when directed at a woman in leadership.  Leftists at the university think the gesture symbolizes an adherence to appearance “more than intellectual contributions.”

In fact, interrupting any woman at all is a “microaggression” according to the authoritarian speech guide.

University of North Carolina officials deemed Golf outings as a microagression as well because suggesting a “staff retreat at the country club assumes employees have the financial resources” for “fairly expensive and inaccessible sport.”

Finally, students were instructed not to say “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” along with “husband” and “wife” because the terms do not include LGBTQ(WXYZ) people.

They want students to use the words “partner” and “spouse” instead.

UNC’s guide was further proof that political correctness is simply a polite form of ideological tyranny. The regressive left seems to have completely abandoned classical Thomas Jeffersonian liberalism in favor of banning free speech and lecturing people on what words to use.

Unfortunately for social justice warriors, they cannot arbitrarily decide what is and is not “offensive.”

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