Individualism and Nationalism Rise in Opposition of the Globalist Agenda

Individualism and sovereignty are incredibly important for security and prosperity —> 


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Individualism and sovereignty are incredibly important for security and prosperity.

Authoritarians cannot comprehend that by valuing individualism over collectivism and sovereignty over globalism, they are, in essence, empowering the individual and the nation to reach maximum potential therefore benefiting the overall collective and the entire world by tenfold.

We are seeing this happen today.

Individual and national rights are the means of subordinating society and the entire world to moral law.  The foundation of individualism and nationalism lies in an individual’s and nation’s moral right to pursue happiness. This pursuit requires a huge amount of independence, initiative and self-responsibility.

True individualism and nationalism involves cooperating with others through trade which facilitates the pursuit of each party’s happiness and which is carried out not just on the level of goods, but on the level of knowledge and kinship.

Trade is essential for life, it provides an individual and a nation with many of the goods and values that are necessary for survival.  Creating an environment where trade flourishes is of great importance and great interest for the individualist and the nation.

Politically speaking, true individualism and nationalism means recognizing and understanding that an individual and his/her country have a right to their own life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It also means uniting with other citizens to preserve and defend the nations that protect the fundamental right to self-sustainability.