Breaking News: Great Britain Ejects From the New World Order, #Brexit Wins!

Great Britain Votes to Wisely Eject From The New World Order and Leave Authoritarian EU  —>


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Guest article by Barry Secrest | Conservative Refocus

It’s a new Independence day for Great Britain….

Great Britain has shocked the world, in their vote to bravely leave what has become not much more than a club of elite globalist authoritarians  running the EU under budding German hegemony.

The Brits had suffered enough under  a culture of European anti-culture and anti-tradition in increasingly forcing the British people to capitulate to a mass of incoming Islamic radicals, among a host of others.

Like it or not, even the highly Liberal Brits have decided to just say no to the multi-cultural monster being stitched together by individuals operating under a host of secondary agendas, none of them good for individual first-world nations.

The Brits should think of it as a last minute escape from the Globalist/Anti-Christ movement that has gained so much ground since Obama was elected in America and Merkel in Germany.

The Globalist movement, in part, desires erasure of borders, dilution of culture, destruction of Judeo-Christian values, dissolution of the populace, rejection of the full right to bear arms, and even an end to traditional free market capitalism, and of course, nationalized healthcare.

These are just a few of the changes that are overall desired, while there are certainly many more.

So, Congratulations Great Britain! Standby for a tough ride, at least for the short term, but the people of the United Kingdom have clearly chosen to retain their souls and whatever liberty they have remaining, and eject from what has become a Godless New World Order movement spreading across the planet.

There will be cruel reprisals from the Globalists, make no mistake, but America will have the Brit’s back, especially after the world trade agreements are rejected under a new anti-globalist President.

They won’t be sorry, ultimately,  but most especially when the Brits see what’s coming next for Europe…..

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  1. Don’t get too excited. This is all just part of the plan. Great Britain was never intended to be a part of the EU in the long run. This was all mapped out in 1942 with the consent of President Roosevelt to perpetuate a New World Moral Order.

  2. Freedom always comes at a price…congratulations to the Brits…The EU will attempt to make England into a scapegoat thus seeking revenge for their opting out of the EU…We must give credit to those Birits for standing up and saying “enough is enough”…they are no longer in favor of the global policies of the EU and the dictates of the New World Order…Congrats to the Brits.

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