Socialism is NOT the Answer to Crony Capitalism

Social engineering 101: In order to get the people to beg for socialism and government handouts you must first bankrupt the country through crony capitalism.  —>


In order to get the people to beg for socialism and government handouts you must first bankrupt the country through crony capitalism while convincing the people that true capitalism is failing.

The process starts by bankrupting the country, consolidating as much property and assets as possible by stripping the people of ownership and independency and then then manipulating the masses to beg for government assistance.

Having a centralized government properly and ethically regulate industry and prevent monopolies in order for competition to thrive thereby creating better products and services at reasonable prices is not socialism.

It is well regulated capitalism.

The discussion of socialism keeps coming up because back when child labor was accepted, no building codes were in place, OSHA was not formed yet and worker’s rights weren’t put into place yet, there were community organizers and good politicians that wanted to regulate the marketplace to make it a more safer and prosperous body. Unfortunately, the major corporate/industry leaders fought against putting these proper regulations in place and demonized it as socialism when in fact it was not socialism at all, it was just sensible regulation.

Similar things still happen to this day, however, we now primarily have issues of trillions of wasted capital through over-regulation, biased regulation, and improper regulations. We have a corrupt system of lobbyists/corporations that pay for political campaigns so that when our representatives get elected into office they deregulate or over regulate a particular industry to appease their lobbyists so as to allow special interests to monopolize and/or corner their particular market.

This has many labels including the term crony capitalism or the term that I have coined and prefer, “lobbyism.”

We are witnessing the failures of crony capitalism, NOT true well-regulated capitalism (remember, well does not mean over-regulated, it means sensible intelligent regulations). Our system is beginning to suffer from major financial and social issues as a result and instead of people being educated about what the true fight is, which is to restore and form a well-regulated capitalistic system based in Austrian economics as opposed to Keynesian economics, people are being sold the philosophy that we must centralize the decision-making on every aspect of the market and form a monopoly of force to be administered by the federal government. This concept is known as authoritarianism and/or socialism.

We must put sensible regulations into place and we also need campaign reform to do something about lobbyist and most importantly, we need to reject politicians that promote true socialism.

There is a lot of work to be done and we need to educate people about what true socialism is versus true capitalism.

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