Gun Control Fails: Father’s Day Weekend Bloodbath in Chicago Leaves 13 Dead, 56 Shot

Gun control did not help yet again in Chicago as 56 people were shot over Father’s Day weekend.  —>

Over 30 People Shot Within Four Days In Chicago

Image source; Huffington Post

Gun-controlled Chicago saw yet another 48-hour period of chaos as 56 people were shot leading to 13 total deaths over Father’s Day weekend – the violence brought the city’s homicide number to 300 for the year according to this Breitbart report.

The Chicago Tribune confirmed that 1,800 people have been shot in the city in 2016 so far.

The Windy City leads the nation in crime despite boasting some of the most stringent firearm regulations in the country. In fact, this past month has been the deadliest on record since 1995 with 66 total deaths as a result of gun violence in May alone.

Chicago’s “assault weapons” ban has accomplished nothing other than mass civil disarmament for law abiding Americans and a free-for-all for thug criminals.  Crime rates in cities like Detroit also prove that limiting the Second Amendment is not the answer to combat criminal activity.

Following the Orlando shooting, leftists and anti-gun neocons conveniently ignored the ISIS connection to the attack in order to capitalize on ignorance and fear regarding firearms.  The only way they succeed is if patriots and constitutionalists refuse to stand up and defend their civil liberties.

The reality is, stripping guns away from good people only empowers bad people.

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