Trump Announces Release of “Lyin’ Crooked Hillary” Website

Trump intensifies attacks against crooked Hillary Clinton with new website.  —>

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Donald J. Trump announced today that his campaign is working on a brand new “Lyin’ Crooked Hillary” website designed to expose the many crimes of the corrupt Clinton family.

The Trump Campaign is announcing the roll out of the new website Lying Crooked Hillary website which will showcase some of Clinton’s most disastrous lies to the American people. To receive early, exclusive access to the content, supporters should text TRUMP to 88022 on June 21st. The website will be rolled out over the following days via social media and emails to supporters.

As we proceed forward with the general election, it is more important than ever for America to realize how dishonest Crooked Hillary really is. We can’t trust her now and we can’t allow her to take her dishonesty to the White House. At every stage of Clinton’s career, she has deceived the public to enrich herself and family at the expense of Americans. Crooked Hillary has continually placed Washington D.C. special interests’ priorities over the interests of everyday Americans. Four years of Crooked Hillary in the White House is not a risk Americans can take.

The website could feature documentaries, news articles and editorials on Hillary enabling Bill Clinton’s rape/sex assault of women like Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick (among others) by blackmailing/threatening them into silence.  Other potential topics include Hillary using the State Department as her private hedge fund through the Clinton Foundation money laundering ponzi scheme, Hillary’s complicity in the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi along with the rise of ISIS and Hillary’s negligence with regard to her illegal email server which was a violation of federal law.

The Republican nominee and real estate mogul will have a plethora of lies and scandals to choose from to populate his new website.

Corporate controlled media outlets will likely lambaste Trump for daring to assert that the Democratic nominee is a corrupt filthy criminal despite irrefutable evidence substantiating his claims.  Of course, the bought and sold media would never afford Trump the same treatment if he had been guilty of even a fraction of Hillary’s crimes.

With the general election inching closer by the day, the billionaire businessman and leader of the nationalist populist takeover of the Republican party is clearly amplifying his campaign for a battle of a lifetime against the global elite’s favorite puppet – the former (and failed) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.




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