It’s Easier For Jihadists to Enter America Than Ever Before

Reddit user proves that Islamists can immigrate to the United States quicker than ever before.  —>


Image source; ABC News

Reddit user Taylor814 published this post on 6/17 proving that it is easier for Islamic radicals to come to America than ever before.

It takes 18-24 months for the FBI to seriously vet incoming migrants from the Middle East, however, President Obama has reduced the process by 87.5% to just 90 days.  In addition, FBI Director James Comey recently testified that it is nearly impossible for Syrian “refugees” to be accurately verified with quality background checks.

As Taylor814 points out, the checks are only as good as the databases they come from.

ISIS has reportedly developed Syrian passport printing equipment according to ABC News.  They are using fake identities to embed themselves within migrant populations who are headed West.

As a result, there is no way to confirm whether or not a “refugee” is telling the truth.

President Obama also changed the standard by which migrants are allowed into the country under the Immigration and Nationality Act – Muslims who exhibit a “limited material support” for terror organizations are now offered asylum when such beliefs immediately disqualified a potential “refugee” in the past.

Meanwhile, individuals who have been arbitrarily placed on a no-gun no-fly list have seen their Second Amendment rights completely dissolve without due process as the Obama administration armed ISIS with sophisticated weaponry.

In Obama’s America – ISIS is worthy of American-made firearms but Americans are not.

Islamic jihadism will continue to intensify as Western powers arm/fund radical groups as a means to fight proxy wars with Russia in Syria.  Depending on who wins the 2016 election, Saudi Arabia (whose leadership openly sponsors former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) could heavily influence American foreign policy while manufacturing extremism in the Middle East.

The New World Order elites are clearly utilizing the Hegelian dialectic “problem, reaction, solution” framework to grow the size of government and disarm law abiding Americans.  For the corrupt globalist establishment, radical Islam is nothing more than a means to an end.


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