Senate Approves Plans for Women to Register for Selective Service

Congratulations leftists, the Senate just passed a bill with provisions on women being eligible for the draft.  –>

US Specialist Fifield attends briefing at forward operating base of Liberty camp before leaving for a mission in Baghdad

U.S. Specialist Jennifer Fifield of the 2nd Battalion of the 12th Cavalry Regiment attends a briefing at the forward operating base of Liberty camp April 1, 2007, before leaving for a mission in Baghdad’s northwest Sunni neighborhood of Ghazaliya. REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch (IRAQ) – RTR1O6I2

NPR reported on 6/15 that hidden in the defense authorization bill are new provisions that would force women to register for the draft should the government ever institute a Selective Service program during a time of war.

Congratulations feminists, you have successfully “liberated” women!

The new legislation applies to women turning 18 in 2018 or later according to reporter Camila Domonoske.

Thankfully, the House and Senate have not yet agreed on including women in the draft and the legislation still faces the possibility of a veto from President Obama. Realistically – the president would likely pass it under the guise of a new “progressive” outlook.

NPR’s David Welna said that since women are now eligble to fight on the front lines in the military, “Congress seems to have lost its court endorsed rationale for limiting Selective Service registration to males only.”

Senator John McCain supports registering women for the draft.

You can read more about this here.

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