Angry “Refugees” Burn Down Asylum Center in Germany

Refugees mad about not being woken up in time for Ramadan.  –>

Firefighters work to extinguish flames after a massive blaze torched a recycling station in Malmo

Oliver JJ Lane of SecureAmericaNow reported on 6/8 that 160 Islamic migrants burned down a resident hall in Germany following racial conflicts between European staff and the Arab residents.

According to Düsseldorf’s Express newspaper, several Moroccan “refugees” said they were angry that German staff at the asylum center did not wake them up in time for Ramadan. Some migrants claimed that the staff at the housing complex intentionally woke them up late.

No, this is not satire.

The incident came just three weeks after an asylum seeker who was upset about accommodations started a smaller fire at an exhibition center.

The migrants who witnessed the fire being set, some of which even proudly recorded the moment on their mobile phones said the blaze was started “because we just want to get out of here”, away from their Iranian guards.

Breitbart London reported on the fire as it happened yesterday, with reports of as many as 280 migrants being evacuated from the site, which lies directly next to Düsseldorf’s international airport. Approximately 30 migrants were treated for smoke inhalation, and one of the 70 fire-fighters who turned out to tackle the arson blaze was hospitalised due to heat exhaustion.  Source

The United Nation’s own statistics show that 70% of Muslim “refugees” are, in actuality, young strong military aged men.  Worldnet Daily also reported in September 2015 that 1 in 7 have sympathies towards ISIS.

In addition, a staggering number of Islamists worldwide believe in Shariah Law – an oppressive and archaic form of government that is responsible for the mass enslavement of women in the Middle East.

This is the type of filth the globalists want to import to the West by the hundreds of thousands.

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