The Truth About “Assault Weapons”

Most people have no clue what an “assault” weapon is or isn’t. –>


Most people have no clue what an “assault” weapon is or isn’t, they also have no idea about the true stats of how many people are tragically killed unjustifiably by firearms and by what kind of firearms.

Rifles (including the AR-15) statistically are the safest because they are not as easily concealable as a handgun. Far more people every year are unjustifiably killed by handguns as opposed to “assault” rifles – also, far more people’s lives are saved by defending themselves and/or others with all types of firearms compared to people who are unjustifiably killed by firearms.

So let’s sum this up.

Far more people are killed by handguns than ANY kind of rifle and far more people’s lives are saved by firearms than are murdered by firearms.

It is important to understand what an assault weapon isn’t, the terms “assault weapon” and “assault rifle” are often confused.  The term “assault weapon” didn’t used to exist in the lexicon of the firearms community – it is a political term developed by anti-gun hacks to expand the category of “assault rifles.”

So if an assault weapon is not an assault rifle, what is an assault rifle?

Example; M4A1 carbine, a U.S. military service rifle which is also an assault rifle. The M4A1 is FULLY automatic which means it fires multiple rounds each time the trigger is pulled, up to 950 rounds per minute.

The firearm used by the Orlando killer was the infamous AR-15, it is semi-automatic. This gun fires one round each time the trigger is pulled and it can fire between 45 and 60 rounds per minute depending on the skill of the user. This rate of fire is comparable to other semi-automatic firearms but pales in comparison to a fully automatic true assault rifle, some of which can fire more than 1,000 rounds per minute.  The AR-15, so-called assault weapon, is not a machine gun or an assault rifle at all.

What political tools call “assault weapons” function like every other normal firearm, they fire only one bullet each time the trigger is pressed. Unlike automatics (machine guns), they do not fire continuously as the trigger is held. In America, most handguns are semi-automatics, as are many long guns, including the AR-15, the model used in the Orlando shooting.

Some of these guns look like machine guns to appeal to gun hobbyist but they do not function like machine guns.

Remember, you are far more likely to be killed by a handgun than any rifle and a firearm is far more likely to save your life than to be responsible for murder.


Despite the onslaught of media propaganda in support of the Obama administration’s anti-second amendment agenda, the statistics clearly illustrate that gun control does not reduce violent crime and in fact has the opposite effect.

Violent crime offenses in the U.S. have been falling since 2007. The 5-year trend clearly suggests that, despite there being an ongoing national debate about gun violence in America, violent crime itself is actually becoming less of a problem.

The Department of Justice also highlights the fact that over the last 40 years, the amount of guns in America per 1000 people has increased whereas serious violent crimes have decreased.

Despite the media drumbeat that murders involving guns represent the number one safety threat to American citizens, the reality is completely the opposite. Amongst the “top ten killers” in the U.S., homicide by firearms is at the bottom of the list according to figures from the CDC and the FBI.

Almost 20 times more people die in the U.S. from medical errors than they do from firearm homicides but there is no outcry to slap draconian regulations on the medical industry.

In areas where they banned guns, crimes significantly increased.…/

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