Crazed Feminist Proudly Declares “I Am Out to Ruin Your Life”

Feminist demon reads “slam” poetry on ruining lives and being proud of it. –

Traditional femininity, masculinity and the family unit are under attack.

In the video posted above, a crazed feminist reads a “slam” poem about “ruining your life” at an “Individual World Poetry Slam Championship” event that saw what appeared to be a demonic woman read lines about encouraging “sluthood” and ruining “your perfectly respectful marriage.”

While the event happened in 2014, the ideologies espoused by this freak are still being propagated today by the Soros-funded feminist movement.

The women began her poem by declaring that she is “the feminist who is out to ruin your life.”

“I am the feminist who is ruining your perfectly respectful marriage by suggesting to the book club that your wife attends.  And yes, I am the one who convinced her to get that shorter haircut that you pretend to like but don’t really like.”.

The self proclaimed “crazed feminist” proceeded to ramble about enabling sexual promiscuity:

“I am the feminist who is pushing your daughter down the slippery slope of sluthood by giving her a ‘high five’ when she says she keeps her own supply of condoms and incidentally, I’ve tried to turn her bisexugay by recommending some dental dams.”

The psychopath then proudly referred to herself as an “ice queen (expletive) who responds to your streetside compliment with the most frigid ‘I didn’t need your comment.'”  She also revealed that she was a “militant man-hating ball-buster who insists on opening the door for you just because I made contact with it first.”

She concluded by announcing that she was “out to infringe upon your rights and freedoms” and  “absolutely a threat to your way of life.”

The performance was not satirical.

God created males and females for the purpose of complimenting each other, feminists have instead turned that sacred bond  into a competition leading to erroneous delusions such as “rape culture” or “the gender pay gap” and dogmatic social media campaigns like banning the word “bossy” or “manspreading” on a subway.

The feminist movement is clearly not about female equality, it is about waging a war on the family by way of a militant cult backed by billionaire oligarchs.




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