Make America Great Again: 16 Reasons to Vote for Donald Trump in November

16 reasons to vote for the man who defeated 16 other Republicans to clinch the nomination. –



While some “conservatives” will be voting for Republican nominee and real estate tycoon Donald Trump based only on the fact that he is not Hillary Clinton, I’ve compiled a list of 16 reasons to vote for the man who defeated 16 other men to clinch the nomination. (Yes, one reason per primary opponent.)

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16 Reasons to Vote for Donald J. Trump



He respects our current laws regarding immigration and he wants to enforce them while strengthening the southern border with a wall that will serve as a deterrent to stymie the millions of undocumented immigrants who are flooding our country each year.  Walls work, which is why a majority of the Senate voted for one in 2006 and President Obama funded one to be built in Tunisia.  A strong border will protect our national sovereignty from criminals, rapists and murderers.


audit the fed



He wants to audit the Federal Reserve, he understands the reckless behavior of our private and secretive central banking cartel has lead to the dangerous manipulation of interest rates and orchestrated financial meltdowns.



3. Hillary for Prison

He is willing to prosecute Hillary Clinton for violating federal law by negligently handling classified information vital to America’s national security interests on an illegal private server and email account.  In addition, he will prosecute Barack Obama for his crimes including Fast and Furious, arming/funding ISIS and arming/funding the Muslim Brotherhood as well as other radical anti-American groups.


4. Executive Orders

He will not abuse executive orders and he will go through Congress to push his policies through.  Unlike our current puppet president, he respects the separation of powers within government.


5. The Art of the Deal

He authored a brilliant book entitled “The Art of The Deal” in which he breaks down the intricacies of negotiating deals and contracts for business ventures.


6. Renegotiating Globalist Trade Deals

He will renegotiate/end NAFTA, GATT and TPP trade deals that are responsible for outsourcing millions of jobs and circumventing our national sovereignty by allocating powers to unelected corporate tribunals who can dictate domestic policy through offshore arbitration hearings.



7. Anti-Military Industrial Complex

He stands against U.S. military interventionism aimed at endlessly feeding the military industrial complex and looting foreign nations of wealth/resources through nefarious means.  Unlike Hillary Clinton, he will not antagonize Russia by meddling in Syrian affairs while putting America at risk for a World War 3 scenario.  He does not believe in regime change and “nation building” in the Middle East.


8. He is a Billionaire

He is a billionaire who is brilliant with money. Out of nearly four hundred businesses, he went bankrupt four times. Four.

9. An End to Obamacare

He wants to repeal and replace Obamacare with a near perfect plan that will incentivize competition and lower premium rates across the country.  His plan will benefit the American people as opposed to private insurance companies and lobbyists.

10. Standing up to the Bush Crime Family

He had the testicular fortitude to label George W. Bush a “liar” on a Republican debate stage on worldwide television.  He has also insinuated that the criminal Bush administration used a false “weapons of mass destruction” narrative as a pretext for the disastrous Iraq war, which he opposed.


11. Tax Reform

He wants to lower taxes for low-income and middle-class Americans.



12. An End to Political Correctness

He is not politically correct, he does not bow down to the demands of social justice warrior regressive leftist scum who are obsessed with pushing a victimhood narrative and controlling language/culture.  He will put an end to the mental illness known as hyper-sensitivity and he will defend Biblical Christianity in the face of anti-family liberals and militant Islamists.



13. An Uncontrollable Maverick

He is not beholden to corporate lobbyists, special interests, the deep state globalist power-brokers or any big money donors.  He will not prostitute himself to the elites – the only special interest group he will be taking orders from is the American people.




14. No Muslim Migrant Invasion in America

He will not open America’s borders to unassimilatable Muslim immigrants, many of whom enslave women and hate American values. He will instead negotiate with rich gulf states in the Middle East in order for them to provide aid for asylum seekers who need it in their own region. The Islamic takeover of Europe has lead to skyrocketing crime rates and a rape epidemic that will make its way to U.S. soil should our next president adopt the same open border policies espoused by globalists like Germany’s Angela Merkel.



15. The Second Amendment

He supports our second amendment rights and he will not interfere with individual liberty as it relates to owning/buying/selling firearms of any kind.



16. 9/11 Truth

He will release the 28 redacted pages of a joint 9/11 inquiry report that implicate the Saudi Kingdom in the September 11th attacks. Evidence suggests that the secret pages contain information on funding from Prince Bandar bin Sultan to the 9/11 hijackers.



Donald Trump is an American hero who is putting his life and the life of his entire family at risk in order to fight back against globalism and reclaim the United States from the criminals who have hijacked it.  Trump’s candidacy is a representation of populism and a peaceful revolt against the political establishment.

The reality is, George Bush neoconism has been thrown into the ash heap of history where it will be forever remembered as an abject failure that was swiftly replaced by an anti-New World Order brand of conservatism.

A brand of conservatism that promises to Make America Great Again.

We the Vigilant officially endorses Donald Trump.

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Benjamin Knight
Benjamin Knight, the founder of We the Vigilant and host of The Maverick Podcast, was born in Engelwood, New Jersey. He is a Bible believing Christian, a right-wing Libertarian and a nationalist who is dedicated to fighting back against cultural Marxism and globalism. In his free time, Knight enjoys triggering leftists, shooting guns and being an American.

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