Constitutional Judge Decries FBI “Police State” Senate Bill

Senate bill furthers police state agenda, dissolves civil liberties. –


Matt Agorist of Activist Post posted an article on 6/9 detailing new legislation aimed at giving the FBI sweeping warrantless surveillance powers.

The senate reportedly passed a bill this week that would allocate unconstitutional powers to the FBI for the purpose of spying on Americans through “electronic communications” such as emails, phone records and chat logs.

The provision, tucked into the Senate Intelligence Authorization Act, would explicitly authorize the FBI to obtain “electronic communication transactional records” for individuals or entities — though it doesn’t define what that means. The bill was passed by the Senate Intelligence Committee last week.

In the past, the FBI has considered “electronic communication transactional records” to be a broad category of information — including everything from browsing history, email header information, records of online purchases, IP addresses of contacts, and more. Source

Agorist confirmed that Oregon Senator Wyden, who cast the only “no” vote against the bill, authored a warning letter for the American public on powers that “would allow any FBI field office to demand email records without a court order, a major expansion of federal surveillance powers.”

The bill is a reflection of the lack of respect by our “leaders” in Washington for the Fourth Amendment and by definition – the entire Bill of Rights.

The bill, if passed, could theoretically allow the FBI to target any individual who visits the because of the subversive, yet entirely peaceful nature of the site. That information would then be stored, and a file kept on all people who are perceived rebellious by the State.  Source

In a recent interview with Fox News, Constitutional Judge Andrew Napolitano angrily spoke out against the legislation by asserting that it would serve as a catalyst for the FBI to access private information despite such measures being completely useless with regard to national security.

“This law will pass because the Congress doesn’t give a damn about whether it’s unconstitutional,” he said.

“It always gets worse, it never gets better. No matter who’s in the White House, and no matter which party controls the Congress. The American people should wake up. This is a major step…….toward a police state.”

The interview has been posted below:

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