Flashback: Obama Justice Department Tells Iranian Judge to Recuse From Immigration Cases, No Outrage

Leftist media attacks Trump for referring to judge’s ethnicity as a potential conflict of interest despite Obama Justice Department doing the same thing in 2015. –


A. Ashley Tabaddor

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is not the only one concerned about the ethnicity of judges causing a potential conflict of interest.

In January 2015, immigration Judge A. Ashley Tabaddor, an Iranian, sued the Obama Justice Department following a White House meeting in which supervisors recommended that she recuse herself from all immigration cases involving Iranians.

NPR news correspondent Richard Gonzalez reported that officials were “concerned with the appearance of impropriety” due to Tabbador’s ethnic background.

You can read the full report here.

The establishment media glossed over the Justice Department story in 2015 despite it resembling Donald Trump’s comments on the ethnicity of the Trump University judge and the possibility of a conflict of interest.  In any other case, Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel’s connections to the racist Mexican nationalist group La Raza, which directly translates to “the race,” would disqualify him from being involved in the lawsuit.

La Raza is not just a Mexican advocacy organization, it is a militant hate group aimed at conquering the southwestern portion of the United States through the use of violence.

Trump responded to media attacks on 6/7 by clarifying his comments, saying that Curiel’s heritage does not make him “incapable of being impartial,” meaning that he could be fair if he was not associated with racist groups.

As you can see, the media gave the Obama Justice Department a pass for referring to the ethnicity of an Iranian judge as potential impropriety but did not afford Donald Trump the same treatment.  Evidently, the real estate mogul must prostitute himself to Hillary Clinton’s globalist puppet masters before enjoying preferential coverage from corporate controlled news outlets like CNN, the AP and MSNBC.


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