University Professor Teaches Students That “Hate Speech” is a “Right Wing Phenomenon”

University professor brainwashes students into believing that “hate speech” is exclusively a product of the right.


A professor at the University of North Carolina has been caught teaching students that hate speech only comes from the right, Campus Reform reported on 6/7.

The course includes several lectures on hate speech being a manifestation of right-wing politics along with lessons on “white privilege,” “maleness” and “heterosexuality” stemming from a “nature of hate” according to Professor Michael Waltman.

The class is entitled COMM624: HATE SPEECH, but a more accurate name would be COMM624: SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR PROPAGANDA.

In the course catalog, the description of the class states that it is designed to expose students to the nature of hate in American life . . . [that] is sustained through the imposition of racist, sexist, and heterosexist ideologies that privilege Whiteness, maleness, and heterosexuality.”

The description states that hate may “be resisted through communication” involving respect and tolerance.

“Tolerance should be understood in this context as a willingness to embrace and value social and cultural differences, a definition of this term adopted by the Southern Poverty Law Center.” The Federalist Papers

The University of North Carolina website describes the course as a means to discuss the “essence of hate” in order for students to know how to respond should they “encounter it in their own lives.”

Of course, Professor Waltman has yet to deliver any lectures on the unhinged leftist thugs who recently assaulted Donald Trump supporters in San Jose nor has he commented on regressive “liberals” threatening violence against people who disagree with them.

The reality is most college campuses across the country are left-wing indoctrination camps that teach students to hate free speech, capitalism, conservatism, cultural libertarianism and anything associated with Western culture.

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