San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo Should be Arrested

In my opinion this so called mayor should be arrested immediately for inciting violence.  


Guest editorial by Fabian4Liberty

Yesterday in San Jose, CA we saw Mexican gangsters, Communist agitators and total swine burn American flags and attack Trump supporters.

This is the new America under the race baiting media and White House.

Dumbed down rioters clueless about the issues waiving Mexican flags and attacking old ladies by throwing eggs at them.  The mayor of San Jose who is a Clinton supporter actually condoned the violence and blamed Donald Trump for running what he referred to as a “irresponsible campaign.”

In my opinion this so called mayor should be arrested immediately for inciting violence, unfortunately that will never happen.

Reminiscent of a third world country the chaos in San Jose yesterday saw the infringement of one of America’s most important rights, the right to peacefully and freely assemble and to listen to a candidate running for the highest office in the Republic.

The Cleveland GOP convention has the potential to turn into complete chaos, the George Soros cabal of the world will be paying agitators and their bus tickets, sending them to Cleveland to create chaos and violence – but they won’t be alone.  Trump supporters will also be showing up in mass to support their candidate.

Let’s pray for peace and for the safety of those that will attend.  Potential riots in Cleveland have the possibility of spreading across the country like wildfire and that my friends is not good for the Republic.

In fact, it’s what the social engineers want.

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  1. either arrested or have his wife egged cursed at and spit on by a group of angry white men then crack her over the head with a bag of rocks.see how he feels.then we will go announce to an angry white crowd how much she brought this on herself.then make an announcement “,police ,act like you didnt see anyhing”stand to not protect the handful of minorities in the crowd.they deserve everything they get,what did they think was going to happen…….in closing…how can white people in san jose restore our honor after something like that without breaking the law?i hope we can find a way otherwise it will be avenged the old fashioned way.operation wetback.

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