You Guessed it: UCLA Shooting Took Place in “Gun Free Zone”

Yet another shooting occurs in a “gun free” zone.  


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The Los Angeles Police Department responded quickly to a shooting on UCLA campus that took the lives of two people leading to a university lockdown procedure and several hundred panicked students running for their lives Wednesday morning.

You guess it – the incident occurred on yet another “gun-free” campus.

“A UCLA spokesperson said officers responded to an engineering lab and asked students to go to a secure location after the campus-wide alert system issued a notification,” NBC News reported.

The gunman has not yet been apprehended.

Under Penal Code 626.9 PC – California schools must adhere to a strict “gun-free” school zone restriction which prohibits students from carrying firearms within 1,000 feet of campus grounds.

In addition, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill into law in October 2015 making it illegal for students to carry concealed weapons. Naturally, those who supported the legislation conveniently ignored the fact that more guns directly correlate to less crime.

“Prohibits the transportation and possession of firearms and other dangerous weapons on the grounds of UCLA campus, off-campus buildings owned or operated by the University, areas adjacent to University Property or to activities of or programs conducted by the University, whether on or off University Property.” –UCLA campus policy.

Evidently, anti-gun zealots cannot comprehend that criminals do not follow laws no matter how many are written into the books.  Logic and common sense have clearly dictated that the best way to fight back against psychotic killers is to carry around an equalizer yourself.

Rules don’t stop criminals, bullets do.

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  1. Gun Free Zone’s are an open invitation for gun violence…no thanks to the liberal egg heads that abound in our schools and Universities…believing that such an ordnance will keep them safe within their defined boundaries…Israelis know better…teacher’s carry guns.

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