18% of Men Identify as “More Feminine Than Masculine”

Traditional gender roles are dying.   


A YouGov survey published on 5/27 revealed that only 30 percent of under 30 adult males identify as “completely masculine” with 18 percent (almoast 1 in 5) identifying as “more feminine than masculine.”

A random sample of men participated in the survey which found that men ages 45 and up were more likely to describe themselves as more masculine than the younger age brackets.

In addition, the survey found that 12 percent of women identify as “more masculine than feminine”

The Washington Post ascribes this shift to changing gender roles. Women are getting more college degrees, and often out-earning their boyfriends and husbands. Even if a man wants to be the protector, sometimes economic circumstances dictate that he cannot. There are other men who ask for a date and pay the tab at the end of the night…and then promptly use their Venmo app to ask their dates for reimbursement for the cost of their drinks or meal. How hurtful and tactless, to have someone spend time and money to get to know you and then request a refund. If anyone ever does this to you and you have the self-restraint to not burn down his apartment building, you deserve a medal.  Source

Sex confusion has been proven to be abnormal by experts  – in addition, some argue that the “gender neutral” agenda is designed specifically to transfer human reproduction to the state for the purpose of population reduction.

  1 Corinthians 14:33   For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

Whether you believe some of the theories regarding this issue or not, most people can presumably agree that traditional (and Biblical) gender roles are dying thanks to the morally bankrupt left.

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