Establishment Neocon Promises to Stop Trump, Says Third Party Candidate is Coming

Bill Kristol announces: “There will be an independent candidate.”  


Establishment neocon RINO Bill Kristol tweeted Sunday that an independent candidate will enter the general election race in an effort to thwart the Donald Trump nationalist pro-sovereignty anti-New World Order revolution thereby gifting the presidency to presumptive Democratic nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Kristol, who recently met with Mitt Romney about an independent run behind closed doors, is the editor of The Weekly Standard and a staunch supporter of the “#NeverTrump” movement.


Kristol has floated names including Mitt Romney, Tom Cotton, and Marco Rubio as potential third-party spoilers to run on his “Latter-Day Republicans” ticket. Kristol recently met with Romney in Washington, D.C., to talk about the idea.

The Republican National Committee has already condemned Kristol’s third-party scheme as “helping to elect Hillary Clinton.” Breitbart

Donald Trump responded with a series of scathing tweets in which the Republican nominee asserted that Kristol was a “dummy” who could be responsible for sabotaging the 2016 election.

trump responds

As we inch closer to the general election, expect the corrupt political establishment to heighten its attacks on Trump in order to derail his campaign despite millions of new voters participating in Republican primaries as a result of his candidacy.

For the donor class, the real estate mogul represents a dangerous threat to the status quo which is a system that has enabled corporate lobbyists and special interests to maintain a stranglehold on the bought and sold puppet politicians in Washington.

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