Photographer Smuggles 13 Illegal Photos Out of North Korea

Illegal photos out of the hermit kingdom tell an incredible story about the true nature of communism.  

Photographer Eric Lafforgue is a brave soul who has taken regular trips to North Korea but has since decided not to travel to the communist nation anymore after being told that he is on a wanted list for smuggling illegal photos out of the country following his most recent visit.

The photos were originally posted on in April and they tell a compelling story regarding the truth about the poverty-stricken hermit kingdom.

His pictures reveal the hardships of North Korean citizens.

^ Citizens in the arrogantly named “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” who live in rural regions of the country often spend most of their days farming – the above photo is of an entire family working hard to ensure that they have enough food to feed themselves.

According to Lafforgue, massive lines are a fact of daily life in the Hermit Kingdom.

^ Lafforgue confirmed that North Koreans are forced to visit monuments on national holidays like the Kimjongilia festival in which long lines are the norm.

Long lines aren't just for holidays, either.

^ A long line at a bust stop inside Korean capitol Pyonyang.

This is the Art Center of Pyongyang during a power outage.

^ This is an art gallery inside Pyonyang during a power outage, electric coverage in the city is spotty at best with blackouts occurring on a regular basis.  Of course, supreme leader Kim Jon Un probably doesn’t deal with the same inconvenience.  Pictures showing poor electrical distribution are illegal in North Korea, Lafforgue could have been forced into a prison/forced labor camp as a result of this photo had he been caught by government officials.

At first, Lafforgue's North Korean guides encouraged him to take pictures of kids at computers.

^ Any piece of technology that looks remotely modern is nothing more than a P.R. prop – take a look at the computer monitor, it’s not even working.

There are very few safety regulations for workers, Lafforgue said.

^ A high-risk construction site with practically zero safety measures.

This photograph of a malnourished man was totally illegal.

^ This is another example of an illegal photo, pictures suggesting that North Koreans are malnourished are strictly forbidden.

Cars are becoming more common in Pyongyang.

^ Roads and cars are so rare in North Korea that children have never been taught to stay away from playing in the middle of the streets.

Black markets are illegal, but many rural North Koreans make extra cash selling goods on the side.

^ According to Lafforgue, the highest paid North Korean workers are bringing home an average of $62 per month.  Consequently, black market goods are sold across the country despite the practice being forbidden by the ruling class.  Should this family get caught – they could be subject to strict punishment including but not limited to forced admission into a death camp.

Taking pictures that imply poverty is against North Korean law.

^ Lafforgue snapped a picture of private property (another illegal photo) where little girls are seen fetching water.

It's also illegal to take pictures of the North Korean military.

^ Lafforgue also snapped a picture of the North Korean military, another strictly prohibited act.  In this photo – a member of the military is seen moving large logs.

The government of North Korea is particularly touchy about depictions of its military.

^ This photo of a soldier taking a nap was instrumental in the Korean dictatorship banning Lafforgue from the country (and promising to arrest him should he ever step foot inside the communist nation again).  Military servicemen are to never be seen “slacking” on the job.

Overall, North Korea is a modern day prison state in which its inhabitants are enslaved, impoverished, disarmed and isolated from the rest of the world.  These photos should serve as a catalyst for Americans to continue to defend the many liberties guaranteed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights – our last defense against tyranny.

Moreover – the photos reveal the true nature of communism and what could happen should a free meritocratic civilization fall into an authoritarian dictatorship.



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