Trump Targets Clinton Scandals, Refers to Suspicious Death of Vince Foster

Billionaire mogul takes the gloves off.  

Clinton, Trump pick up big wins

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Real estate mogul and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump referenced the “suicide” of former White House aide Vince Foster among a plethora of scandals involving the Clinton crime family in a recent interview with The Washington Post.

“It’s the one thing with her, whether it’s Whitewater or whether it’s Vince Foster or whether it’s Benghazi. It’s always a mess with Hillary,” Trump said – before clarifying that he felt Foster’s death was “fishy” and that murder allegations should be taken seriously.

Questions surrounding Foster’s death have come up sparingly during this year’s election cycle with Roger Stone writing about it most recently in his book, The Clinton’s War on Women.

Foster allegedly killed himself with a fatal bullet wound, however investigators found his body at a Virginia park in July 1993 and various sources have confirmed that he was likely murdered despite “suicide” being the official cause of death.

“He knew everything that was going on and then all of a sudden he committed suicide,” Trump explained in the interview.

Unlike Bernie Sanders, Trump has shown a willingness to take the gloves off against Hillary over the last several weeks – his comments regarding Foster came only a few days after the billionaire asserted that Bill Clinton was a rapist on live television.

The real estate mogul and his allies hope that his tactics will bring fresh scrutiny to the Clintons’ long record in public life, which conservatives characterize as defined by scandals that her allies view as witch hunts. Through social media and Trump’s ability to garner unfiltered attention on the Internet and the airwaves, political strategists believe he could revitalize the controversies among voters who do not remember them well or are too young to have lived through them. Source

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