Wife of Injured Marine: “The V.A. is a Joke”

The wife of an injured Marine tells all in eye-opening interview on the failures of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.  


The wife of an injured Marine categorized the United States Department of Veterans Affairs as “a joke” on the 5/18 edition of The Maverick Podcast in what was an eye-opening discussion on how the system has failed to care for her injured husband.

“I think the VA is a joke,” Melanie Reynolds asserted in an interview with We the Vigilant’s Benjamin Knight.  “Last time we went through a medical board, he had a doctors appointment and he was going in to test his range of motion at which point the nurse was physically moving him beyond where he can comfortably move and, quite frankly, physically move at all to get a better range of motion so that they didn’t have to rate him higher.”

Melanie’s husband Jacob Reynolds was injured while serving in the Marines after falling and breaking his vertebrae which fractured and caused his back to curve well beyond the natural 15 to 20 degrees.

The injury led to Reynolds facing months of paralysis and a complete loss of leg movement. As a result, he underwent spinal fusion surgery leading to chronic pain and spasms that have quelled just slightly by medications.

His wife helps him in and out of bed as he can barely bend his back and his mobility has been stifled severely since the injury..

“It’s just been a bunch of jumps and loops,” Melanie said.  “We haven’t even been able to find a lawyer to help us because of how the VA works most of them can’t do it…and then the ones who can don’t want to take the case because of how the VA has just treated us.”

Reynolds revealed that if she was going to any doctor that treated her the same as the V.A. treated her husband, she would “honestly leave, never go back and tell everyone that the doctor is the worst doctor I’ve ever been to.”

Melanie also said that others have dealt with situations that were just as bad.

“We are not the only ones that have had similar situations to this,” she explained.  “We’ve actually through this process of calling out for help found that there are many couples in our situation and they’ve been treated the same, not getting care, having to go do these tests over and over and over again when they know that the results aren’t going to change its just going to get worse.”

“It’s just a joke.”

The Reynolds’ story is a stark reminder that President Obama is ignoring the struggles of our veterans in favor of spending millions of taxpayer dollars on superfluous projects like finding summer jobs for refugees.

Meanwhile, injured military servicemen and women are left to fend for themselves.

“We actually got notice that due to our medical bills we are so far in debt that they’re going to start just taking it out of our account which means we won’t be able to pay even a portion of our rent,” Melanie revealed.   “That’s going to cause us to be homeless and have to live on the street which will in turn cause him (Jacob) to lose his service dog as well as all of his pain medications.”

The Reynolds are currently accepting donations in order to keep them from living on the streets, you can donate to their GoFundMe by clicking here.

Thus far, they have received $1,255 of the $9,000 needed to pay off their debts.

Click here to listen to the full interview with Melanie Reynolds who was gracious enough to share her story with a worldwide audience.


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