Watch: Passengers Endure Unbearable Airport Security Lines While Borders Remain Open

Video footage of passengers at Chicago’s Midway International Airport enduring an unbearable TSA line.  

A video shot and posted to YouTube on 5/12 shows an unbearable TSA security line at Chicago’s Midway Airport stretching around corridors throughout the terminal area.

Passengers reportedly waited upwards of four hours to get past the checkpoint with some even missing their flight altogether, meanwhile the southern border remains wide open.  In the time it took the TSA to harass these passengers – one can presume that Mexican drug cartels, criminals and rapists likely used decoys at the border to engage in criminal activity inside the United States.

The video, posted by Sean H, garnered over 1 million views and has been at the top of Reddit all day Friday.

This is not the first time YouTube users caught video of crazy lines at airport security checkpoints, WGNTV recently posted footage of a similar issue at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

TSA officials warned passengers in this report to expect “extensive delays” this summer as a result of “poor staffing” despite the agency receiving increased federal funding. 

Airport checkpoints have made zero difference with regard to the safety of air travel.  NBC News reported in June 2015 that TSA agents failed 95 percent of Airport Breach Tests on a routine basis, lending credence to the idea that security lines were nothing more than theatrical social engineering projects designed to get the public accustomed to inconvenient checkpoints.

Viewer discretion: The video posted above contains strong language.

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