Big Pharma to Test Gardasil HPV Vaccine on Babies

Sickening new mandates call for dangerous vaccines being tested on infants.  


Big Pharma is less concerned with healing people and more concerned with their bottom line, this has been evident for decades and is now perhaps more obvious than ever based on this new report in which Gardasil HPV vaccines could be added to a disturbingly lost list of mandatory vaccines for babies.

Merk recently sponsored a clinical trial examining the effects of HPV vaccines on infants which will render helpless babies as human guinea pigs.  It’s possible that some states could mandate this dangerous vaccine thereby further undermining the informed consent of parents.

Japan banned the HPV vaccine following concerns from health officials in the country regarding serious side effects that have ruined the lives of several young boys and girls.  Considering that rates of autisminfertility and cancer are rapidly growing in conjunction with the number of mandatory vaccinations, even an amateur statistician could find an apparent correlation.

Despite the Gardisil vaccine being responsible for a substantial number of injuries – it is next in line to be injected into our children.

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