Huffington Post Celebrates the Enslavement of Women

Huffpo publishes propaganda article giving the false impression that Muslim women wearing a hijab is a “choice.”  


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Wearing a burka is trendy, liberal and cool according to this new Huffingston Post propaganda piece written by Yasmin Nouh on 5/11.

In the article, Nou asserted that Muslim women being forced to wear beakeeper suits is nothing more than a “misperception.”

“In today’s political climate, the headscarf has become more than just a spiritual symbol of modesty,” she said.

“At one point, women working in government positions were not allowed to wear it in Turkey. In France, the niqab – a version of the headscarf that covers the face – is banned. In the field of counterterrorism, some view the headscarf as a manifestation of extremism. And as the number of Islamophobic attacks continues to rise in the United States, so too does the fear among Muslim women, especially those who wear hijab, that they’ll be victims of violence.”

Actually, nobody is threatening violence against anyone – instead, people are rightfully pointing out that forcing women to wear sleeves on their faces is a form of cultural enslavement.

Enslavement that leftists at the Huffington Post are celebrating.

Predictibly, Nour failed to mention that Islamic terrorists in Algeria brutally executed 21-year-old Katia Bengana for her refusal to wear a hijab – the same vail that feminists and leftists have labeled as “empowering.”

In addition, British mosques recently banned women from using Facebook, traveling alone or wearing trousers according to this RT report published on 5/6.

Consequently, feminists responded by celebrating Islam and calling for open border policies that would import millions of them into the western world despite the ideology being responsible for the enslavement of women throughout the Middle East.

Donning the hijab is not a “choice” – it is not “empowering” nor is it trendy or cool,  it is an Islamic mandate punishable by death.

You would think feminists would be opposed to such measures but their allegiance to radical Islam apparently trumps the “women’s rights” issues they pretend to care about.

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