Investors Pressure Amazon to Remove All Donald Trump-Related Products

Investors backed by women’s rights group pressures Amazon to rid E-commerce website of all Donald Trump-related products.  


Amazon investors organized by women’s advocacy groups have put pressure on the e-commerce giant to drop all Donald Trump merchandise according to this report published on 5/9.

A total 1,500 Amazon shareholders spearheaded by “UltraViolet Action” signed a petition demanding that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos end all sales of the leading Republican presidential contender’s merchandise including menswear and other products.  The group cited (you guessed it) “racist” and “misogynistic” comments made by the billionaire mogul on the campaign trail over the last year.

“This isn’t about politics: Donald Trump’s misogyny, racism, and outright bigotry are dominating the political news cycle,” the women’s rights group wrote in a letter to the Amazon CEO. “He has encouraged violence at his rallies, mocked his opponent’s wife, ridiculed people with disabilities, and even refused to denounce his campaign manager who was recently arrested for violently assaulting a female reporter.”

The group never mentioned that Trump will likely be running against a rape enabler in the general election who blackmailed and threatened her husband’s rape victims, but one can only assume they think mean words are more hurtful than physical and sexual abuse.

UltraViolet Action gathered thousands of signatures from Amazon/Amazon Prime customers in an apparent effort to urge the platform to drop all Trump branded products.

“Jeff Bezos needs to listen to his customers and ensure that Amazon doesn’t profit off of Trump hate by taking immediate steps to dump Trump,” chief campaigns officer at UltraViolet Karin Roland said in a statement.

Amazon has a history of placating to politically-charged demands, last year, the e-commerce website pulled all Confederate flag-products following a social media uproar sparked by online social justice warriors.

Items related to Adolph Hitler, the Nazi Party, militant communism and black supremacism remained untouched, however.

Amazon would join Macy’s, Univision and NBC in cutting ties with the Republican frontrunner following his “incendiary” (politically incorrect) comments on illegal immigrants from Mexico which were 100% true.

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    I will Drop Amazon if they do that!

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