U.S. Justice Department Sues North Carolina Over Common Sense Bathroom Bill

Obama’s Justice Department grovels to whiny liberals, sues North Carolina over common sense bathroom bill.  


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The U.S. Justice Department announced on 5/9 that it was suing North Carolina over the state’s common sense law stating that men and women should use bathrooms/showers corresponding to biological gender rather than whatever someone “feels” like after waking up in the morning.

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch asserted Monday that North Carolina’s law amounts to “state-sponsored discrimination,” she never addressed the fact that transgenders account for less than one percent of the population, however.

“What this law does is inflict further indignity on a population that has already suffered far more than its fair share,” she said.  “This law provides no benefit to society and all it does is harm innocent Americans.”

The state could lose billions of dollars in federal aid after already withstanding boycotts and protests by whiny LGBT crybabies.

With appeals courts around the country diverging on whether transgender people are protected under federal civil rights laws, “this seems like the kind of thing that’s on track for the Supreme Court,” she said.

Defenders of the law have argued that it is needed to protect people from being molested in bathrooms. North Carolina’s top legislative leaders, both Republicans, repeated that fear in their own lawsuit filed Monday in defense of the law.

Allowing “anyone to use any public bathroom, locker room or shower based solely on that person’s self-declared gender ‘identity'” would “create an opportunity for sexual predators of any sexual orientation to abuse the policy to facilitate their predation,” they warned. Source

Celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam each canceled shows in North Carolina due to the state’s bathroom bill designed to protect women/children from perverts.  In addition, 200 corporate leaders including some from Bank of America have argued that the measure was bad for business due to the negative impact it has had on recruiting employees.

The U.S. Education Department and other federal government agencies will reportedly be cutting all funding to North Carolina should governor Pat McCrory not comply with the demands of the Justice Department.

Left-wing media outlets have refused to acknowledge that the constitution guarantees states’ rights and big government agencies bullying North Carolina into submission violates the spirit of the 10th amendment.

Unfortunately for social justice warriors and members of the LGBT “movement”, individual states have the sovereign immunity to pass legislation that best fits their community.

No amount of whining or complaining will ever change the constitution.

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