The Donald Trump Nationalist Revolution: This Was Supposed to be Impossible

Guest article from “Scorpion” on the rise of Donald Trump – a once in a lifetime story.  

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By “Scorpion”

I truly believe that Donald Trump’s ascendancy is nothing less than divine providence. In Greek mythology, Trump perfectly represents Nemesis- who exacts divine retribution against those who have angered the Gods with gross displays of hubris.

The political and media establishment had been gaming the system for years, exploiting and abusing it for their own ends, the American people were being played for fools, the arrogance of the elite was at an all-time high and they were due for a reckoning.

The magnitude of Trump’s accomplishment – winning the nomination of a major party as a total outsider and political novice – is something we haven’t yet wrapped our heads around. We’re still too close to it at this point in time, but this is entirely unprecedented in the modern era.

This was supposed to be impossible.

The entire political/media/financial apparatus was designed specifically to make such a feat impossible. This is why the cucks and leftists were left dumbfounded time and time again as Trump not only survived their attacks but continued to win and climb in the polls and the enemies of Trump have been in denial for months. They simply cannot process what happened because it goes against everything they knew about the corrupt political/media system they thought they controlled.

It should have been impossible, I believe it would have been impossible for literally any other man in the United States, this is why I regard Trump as one of the handful of historic men of destiny – perfectly, impossibly well-suited to their times, such men leap on the stage of history and lay waste to their opponents, leaving onlookers in a state of stunned awe.

We’re used to such men of destiny being warriors, kings and generals – and most have been, but we live in a different age. Men of destiny were supposed to be extinct, relics of a bygone era when contests were won by sword and hoof, but the battlefield in our day is not a physical landscape, it is an abstract one. The war is not fought with guns and swords, but with words and ideas. Given such a system, those who control and operate the media have an enormous – seemingly insurmountable – advantage when it comes to controlling the public discourse and in this manner they are thus able to control society and the country as a whole, through the manipulation of public opinion and the consequent power over political hopefuls this engenders.

All politicians were thus forced to acquiesce to the demands of these controllers, or else face utter destruction by the media monster they could unleash at will. But then came Trump.

The only man with the sufficient fame, wealth, charisma, intelligence, confidence, gravitas and energy to single-handedly defeat the establishment, his media savvy is unprecedented – Scott Adams has only skimmed the surface of Trump’s genius in this regard, and yes – we are witnessing genius here.

Trump is an artist, and salesmanship/public relations is the canvas on which he paints. Like Jordan created art on a basketball court and Fischer created art on a chessboard, each through the combination of brilliant talent and an indomitable will to win – so Trump’s artistry in the media sphere is equally as impressive. This man defeated not only sixteen direct opponents arrayed against him, but the entire corrupt media apparatus. They’d played this game hundreds of times before and had never lost. No one could stand against them.

Except Trump.

In hindsight it becomes clear that everything in Trump’s life was leading up to this point. This was his destiny all along, as impossible as it seems. A brash New York real estate developer and reality TV show star somehow possessed the perfect combination of traits necessary to be raised up by divine providence as a mighty hammer, and swung down with relentless fury to shatter the corrupt and rotten political/media establishment, finally bringing hope to the masses after years of abuse and exploitation at the hands of the elite.

Only Trump could have done this, the Man of Destiny, the American Nemesis, the Divine Hammer of Retribution.

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