E.U. Globalists Fining Sovereign Nations Up To $300K For Refusing Refugees

In a completely outrageous move, the European Union cabal of globalist hacks are fining sovereign nations up to $300,000 for refusing to house refugees.  


The European Commission, a subset of the unelected globalist European Union cabal, proposed a measure on 5/6 that would punish countries for refusing to accept refugees at a rate of up to $300,000 per asylum seeker.

The proposed change will reportedly be released Wednesday following a meeting in Brussels between E.U. officials and other government representatives seeking to open Europe’s borders even wider for Muslim refugees despite them being responsible for hundreds of rapes/sex assaults across the region.

According to the Financial Times, the fine would essentially act as a sanction on countries who refuse to cooperate with the migrant resettlement agenda.

“The size of the contribution may change but the idea is to make it appear like a sanction,” the official said.

The commission’s proposed regulation comes at a time when Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has remained defiantly opposed to migrants streaming into Europe. In late 2015, Hungary built a large fence on its southern border to keep refugees from coming into the country via Serbia. This effort has been tremendously successful. Just two weeks after it was installed, the number of migrants coming in plummeted. Refugees who manage to breach the fence are by and large picked up by the Hungarian security services, as part of a continuing effort to carve out as much sovereignty as possible while still maintaining membership in the EU.  Source

New E.U. referendums on Muslim migrants will not go through without some resistance from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, however, who has been defiantly opposed to open border policies. Hungary built a large fence on its southern border in late 2015 that was designed specifically to keep refugees from entering the country through Serbia.

The “wall” was successful.

Instead of negotiating with rich gulf states like Saudi Arabia or the U.A.E. in order to create a refugee safe zone in Middle Eastern countries that have, so far, accepted zero asylum seekers despite being geographically connected to the heart of the crisis – the E.U. has evidently chosen to overrule the laws of sovereign European nations by imposing scare tactics designed to bully nationalist leaders into submission.

Unfortunately for open border advocates, the effort will likely fail in Hungary where Prime Minister Orban has already stated that no unelected foreign body will force the country to accept Muslim migrants.

It appears that E.U. bureaucrats are serious about their new referendum despite it being proposed following yet another wave of Islamic refugee sex attacks in Austria.

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  1. Fine the EU Globalists 300k for each refugee for accepting the terrorists!

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