Officials Enable Male Reporter To Use Female Bathroom For Sexual Exploitation

Report proves that bathroom regulations in North Carolina aren’t being enforced.  


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Project Veritas published a video in which reporter James O’Keefe posed undercover as a sexual predator and openly admitted to University of North Carolina officials that he likes to use female bathrooms for the purpose of sexual exploitation.

O’Keefe first told Interim Vice Provost Amy Circosta that he regularly walks into female bathrooms “for the women” to which Circosta simply replied, “okay.”

The reporter later spoke to the school’s Director of Housing Alicia Vest, saying “I’m different. I just use the restroom for other reasons, you know, not that reason. So in many ways I use the law as kind of like a loophole.”

Vest responded by making excuses for the behavior.

“Well, you know, I think there are…there are different reasons for different rules,” Vest said. “And there are different reasons for using different spaces.”

O’Keefe also told associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at the University of North Carolina Jill Moffitt that he liked taking snapchat photos of women.

“You are alerting me to sexual exploitation,” Moffit replied. “Don’t say anything more.”

A plurality of the school’s staff chose not to make a big deal out of the interaction with O’Keefe, many of them made excuses for degeneracy by labeling it a “fetish” and many of them refused to acknowledge that gender neutral bathrooms could be a haven for sexual predators and perverts.

You can watch the full video of the Project Veritas investigative report below:

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