Poll: 57 Percent of Americans Agree With “America First” Foreign Policy

Trump’s view on foreign policy is popular with Americans according to a new Pew poll.  


A new Pew poll suggests that Americans align more with Republican contender Donald Trump’s views on foreign policy than that of Democrat Hillary Clinton, the Washington Examiner reported.

The poll found that 57 percent of Americans agreed that the United States should deal with its own problems while just 37 percent disagreed.

A significant number said America is “too helpful” internationally.

“The new survey, conducted April 12 to 19 among 2,008 U.S. adults, finds the public remains wary of global involvement,” said Pew.

Trump’s foreign policy positions have been dubbed “America First” due to his intention to roll back NATO and the United Nations while also spending money on protecting the homeland.   The real estate mogul has also spoken out against regime change in the Middle East, a measure that has been abused by warhawk RINOs for the purpose of endlessly feeding the military industrial complex and amassing unlimited wealth and power.

Pew also said that the general public wants to trim U.S. economic involvement in foreign affairs:

“The public’s wariness toward global engagement extends to U.S. participation in the global economy. Nearly half of Americans (49 percent) say U.S. involvement in the global economy is a bad thing because it lowers wages and costs jobs; fewer (44 percent) see this as a good thing because it provides the U.S. with new markets and opportunities for growth.”

The American people have spoken and they have clearly rejected the New World Order globalist crime syndicate.

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