Leftist “Triggered” By Photo of LSU Mascot Wishing Students a “Happy Cinco De Mayo”

Social justice warrior freaks out over “Cinco de Mayo” message.  

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An LSU student asserted that a photo of a tiger with the message “Feliz Cinco de Mayo” was a “gross caricature of a Mexican holiday” in a Facebook post written on 5/4.

We The Vigilant was unable to confirm the identity of the man responsible for the photo who goes by “Mike VI” but it is entirely plausible that he is affiliated with LSU.

Following an apology from Mike, offended SJW Belle Alexandria Cost proceeded to lecture the man about the cost of the “regurgitation of racist stereotypes.”

“This is a stereotypic depiction of an entire group of people who are discriminated against in America,” she said. “When you simplify their history into a sombrero, a mustache and maracas, you dehumanize them and invalidate their country’s struggles and victories.”

Or perhaps, if you don’t enjoy bathing in a cauldron of victimhood – the photo was simply an attempt to wish Hispanics a happy Cinco de Mayo.

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This is not the first time that regressive leftist SJWs threw a hissy fit over inanimate Latin American objects they arbitrarily deemed to be “culturally appropriative.”  In March, Bowdoin College students were so offended by a tequila party (due to tiny sumbreros in the drinks) that school officials offered “safe spaces” and “psychological counseling” for special snowflake crybabies.

In addition, the Bowdoin Student Government issued a “Statement of Solidarity” written to stand by students who were emotionally affected by the tequila party.

Seriously.  This is not satire.

When it comes to the perpetually offended politically correct brigade, you can count on them to label even the most diminutive nonsense as “hateful” or “racist” for the purpose of virtue signaling to their trendy Starbucks friends who can barely tie their own shoelaces.

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