Roger Stone: Obama Could Enact Martial Law To Stop Trump

Trump confidant asserts that Obama could use martial law in an effort to stop the populist nationalist Republican frontrunner.  

Trump confidant and shadow campaign manager Roger Stone asserted on the 4/27 edition of the Alex Jones Show that President Obama might enact martial law in an effort to stop the populist movement lead by Donald Trump.

In response to a caller who asked whether Obama is looking at suspending the 2016 election, Stone hypothesized that anything is possible and that the globalist power-broker establishment has been growing desperate as Trump’s poll numbers continue to rise.

“Well look I think they’re capable of anything including martial law,” Stone said. “The establishment is petrified that this Trump wave is coming and they see no way to stop it.”

Stone also speculated that the elite might have an international false flag incident planned but later pivoted to a more likely scenario – blatant voter fraud.

“Well they could stage an international incident in which everybody has to rally around the president and use that as a pretext to cancel the election,” Stone said.

“I also have as you know very deep concern about these computerized voter machines that are going to be in the key states like Michigan and Ohio and New York and Pennsylvania where Donald Trump and only Donald Trump is competitive,” he concluded.

As the prospect of Trump winning the Republican nomination quickly evolves from concept to reality over the next few weeks – it is important to remain vigilant with regard to what the elite might be planning next.

Following the real estate tycoon’s anti-New World Order foreign policy speech on Wednesday, it is certainly possible for the corrupt globalist establishment to try one last desperate measure aimed at derailing the Trump train and regaining control over America’s political landscape.


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