14 People Overdose On Fatal Drug Disguised As “Painkiller” In California

Fake painkiller pills claim the lives of 14 in California, where is the media outrage?    


The Associated Press reported on 4/27 that 14 people in Sacramento, California died as a result of fatally overdosing on a dangerous opioid pill that criminals intricately disguised as a popular painkiller.

According to a report published Tuesday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Bay Area hospitals treated seven people over the last week who ingested what doctors originally believed were painkiller pills (disguised as the brand Narco) – all of them survived though some experienced vomiting, difficulty breathing and nausea.

The issue with the pills is that they were adulterated with fentanyl which is a powerful opioid commonly abused by addicts.  Various media outlets have been unable to confirm the source of the pills however some officials have speculated that they came from street dealers.

Sacramento County health officials told the AP that 52 instances of Norco painkiller poisonings were reported by law enforcement since March with 12 of the incidents resulting in death.

Law enforcement officials investigating the source of the pills will be looking to see whether the Sacramento and Bay Area cases are connected, said Casey Rettig, a Drug Enforcement Administration special agent based in San Francisco. She said she could not discuss details of the DEA’s ongoing investigation, but she noted that the Bay Area and Sacramento County illnesses occurred around the same time and that pills in the two areas had the same markings. Source

One must wonder how anti-gun leftists would have responded to this story if it had been about a man opening fire on 14 innocent lives on a California street.

They would have likely called for more gun restrictions and the story would have dominated the news cycle for weeks – yet when 14 die as a result of pills, nobody bats an eye.

Strange, isn’t it?

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