Trump Sweeps The Northeast, Wins Five State Primaries In One Day

The Trump Train is showing no signs of slowing down.  


Image source: The Odyssey Online

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump further degraded the chances of a brokered convention in July after winning five states Tuesday and sweeping the northeast with victories in Conneticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

The billionaire mogul picked up 105 delegates and increased his total to 950. Ted Cruz trails with a total of 560 and John Kasich is hanging by a thread with just 153 delegates in the race thus far.


The unholy alliance between Cruz and Kasich appears to have completely backfired as the two failed miserably at preventing Trump from amassing huge leads in each of Tuesday’s state primaries, however, they will be looking to cut into the Republican frontrunner’s support next week with the goal of stealing away delegates from Indiana in particular.

This journey is far from over, but for now, Trump supporters can safely conclude that the real estate tycoon has moved within an arm’s length of the nomination.

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  1. Cruz and Kasich have already been seen at the train depot purchasing their one way tickets to “Loserville” on the express rail, via “Liar Town” (Hope) Arkansas.

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