Report: The United Nations Plans To Ship 200,000 Muslim Refugees To America

New World Order puppet masters in the United Nations undermine U.S. sovereignty, plan to ship 200,000 Jihadists to America.  


In a move designed to undermine the sovereignty of the United States and the separation of powers within government, U.S. officials have reportedly plotted with the United Nations to circumvent congress and alter the standard refugee settlement process in order to ship 200,000 Islamists to America over the next year, the Washington Examiner reported on 4/25.

U.S. government officials have reportedly been meeting with U.N. “human rights” officials in Geneva under the guise of a joint project geared towards constructing “alternative safe pathways” for Muslim refugees to enter both America and Europe.

These pathways include (but are not limited to) forcing colleges and universities in the western world to offer paid tuition programs.

Last week, the University of Southern California revealed that it is offering five free tuition programs for Syrian refugees, including one in the school’s journalism program.  Source

The United Nation’s backdoor plan will circumvent congressional approval by allowing more refugees than the agreed upon 10,000 number President Obama pledged to abide by.

Instead, a U.N. adviser and research professor at Georgetown University Bob Ferris suggested that a total of 200,000 migrants should be relocated and given free college.

“Refugees and government officials are expecting this crisis to last 10 or 15 years,” Ferris said. “It’s time that we no longer work as business as usual … UNHCR next month is convening a meeting to look at what are being called ‘alternative safe pathways’ for Syrian refugees. Maybe it’s hard for the U.S. to go from 2,000 to 200,000 refugees resettled in a year, but maybe there are ways we can ask our universities to offer scholarships to Syrian students.”

“Maybe we can tweak some of our immigration policies to enable Syrian-Americans who have lived here to bring not only their kids and spouses but their uncles and their grandmothers. There may be ways that we could encourage Syrians to come to the U.S. without going through this laborious, time-consuming process of refugee resettlement.”

In addition, U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said “alternative avenues” for refugees must be explored:

“These pathways can take many forms: not only resettlement, but also more flexible mechanisms for family reunification,” Filippo said to a panel of 92 nations. “Including extended family members, labor mobility schemes, student visa and scholarships, as well as visa for medical reasons. Resettlement needs vastly outstrip the places that have been made available so far… But humanitarian and student visa, job permits and family reunification would represent safe avenues of admission for many other refugees as well.”

At the end of the meeting, he said that many countries had made commitments, among them:

— Increasing the number of resettlement and humanitarian admission places.

— Easing family reunification and increase possibilities for family reunion.

— Providing scholarships and student visas for Syrian refugees.

— Removing administrative barriers and simplify processes to facilitate and expedite the admission of Syrian refugees.

— Using resources provided by the private sector in order to create labor mobility schemes for Syrian refugees.  Source

U.N. representatives failed to mention the inherent security risk that open border policies pose such as the rape epidemic sweeping Europe right now and ISIS threatening to embed themselves within migrant groups in their own manifesto .

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  1. The United Nations just doesn’t seem to get it. WE DON’T WANT THEM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES AND YOU SEND THEM AT GREAT PERIL TO THEM. They can’t come and if they do come, they can’t stay. We don’t want them in our country, in our colleges and universities, in our towns, cities, houses, apartments, even on our streets. So what is wrong with them staying in Syria? Or in any of the other muslim countires in the middle east? Let the UN educated them and then provide jobs for them in their own countries because they can’t come here to the United States and I think England has had all they want of them too. So, just keep them in their own habitats and let them live among their own people and in their own country.

  2. Donald Trump will send these people right back where they came when he becomes the next president, I just hope that these people will not be sent until next year when Donald Trump is thy president

  3. Keep them! We don’t want them!

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