Poll: Most GOP Voters Believe Ted Cruz Is Part Of The Establishment

Cruz’ outsider credentials have completely deteriorated.  


Following Ted Cruz winning voter-less elections in both Colorado and Wyoming, bribing delegates, employing shady tactics and siding with violent anti-Trump protesters over the last six months, the Texas Senator has firmly implanted himself within the political establishment despite touting himself as an outsider for much of his campaign.

According to a recent poll released by the Huffington Post – most GOP voters are no longer buying it and many now believe Ted Cruz is part of the establishment.

Case in point, 62 percent of respondents to a HuffPo/YouGov survey said that Cruz was an insider with just 29 percent claiming otherwise, this number contrasts greatly from poll results in December which suggested that just 36 percent of voters felt Cruz was an establishment politician.

These numbers should continue to rise as Cruz shifts towards winning a contested convention in July as opposed to earning the nomination fair and square by amassing the most votes.

You can see the poll results in the following chart posted below:


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  1. And he’s also aiding in illegal immigration. Each working immigrant which comes into Texas to work gets, free medicaid, Obamacare, food stamps/why w/cash option, and other Government freebies.
    Cruz has been filmed at the border handing out the freebies personally!

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