Video: Muslim Migrants Attack 16-Year-Old Girl For Wearing A Dress

Assailants scream out “slut” as they beat up girl for not wearing a hijab.    

Information Liberation reported on 4/23 that a group of Muslim migrants in France viciously attacked a girl who they labeled a “slut” for wearing a dress in public.

Warning: The video is graphic.

The attack was apparently a random act of violence as the victim reportedly had no idea who her assailants were.  Luckily, a man pulled away one of the more violent attackers before she could murder her victim.

A 16-year-old girl was beaten up, on Monday, because of her clothes to Gennevilliers, in the Hauts-de-Seine.

It is 7 pm, on Monday, and Nadia* waits for the tram in front of the district of Lute. A small group of teenagers approaches her
A few minutes later, three girls more or less of the same age as Nadia arrive then. In their turn, they speak to her about her skirt. The tone is clearly less cordial. Four young women rise in the tram which arrives. The trio continues to be obsessed with the skirt. The situation becomes inflamed. The leader makes her victim fall by pulling her by hair in the stop following, in the district of the Village, the thugs accuse Nadia to be a “slut” and begin to strike her.

Nadia wipes then an avalanche of punches and feet.

The most irritated of the aggressors, real giant, strike her a last blow of knee which puts her KO. She collapses on the ground. In the shouts and the confusion, passers-by intervene and scare off the group of violent girls. Firemen evacuate Nadia to the hospital. It is there that she resumes consciousness after a few hours of coma.

While she has dinner in a fast food a little later in the evening, the one who struck the blows, 19-year-old, learns that her victim is in a bad state. With one of the two other girls, she surrenders then to the local police station where she is placed under police custody. She must be brought on Wednesday up for immediate trial but the audience was sent back on next May 17th.

According to the first elements of the investigation, the aggression would have no religious bottom. The trio did not wear distinguishing feature and none evoked any religion. It is not either about a settling of scores: Nadia did not know them and does not live in the same district.  Source (translation via Liveleak)

The attack took place following a “hijab day” in France in which universities across the country celebrated the fact that women in Muslim communities are forced into wearing beakeeper suits.  For women who don’t comply, their punishment would make what happened to Nadia look tame in comparison.

Leftists often celebrate “multiculturalism” as a good thing without doing a modicum of research on what these foreign traditions represent.  With respect to Islam, liberals and feminists in the western world often completely ignore the abuse of women in predominantly Muslim communities in order to push the narrative that Islamists believe in a “religion of peace.”

*Name has been protect identity.

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