Report: New York Primary A Complete Disaster In Some Districts

Reports flooding in of voters being locked out from polling stations, broken machines.  


Image Source: The New York Post, Image Credits: Paul Martinka

The New York Post’s Sophia Roseunbaum published an article today on apparent miscues and downright absurdities that have occurred so far at several New York polling stations.

At PS 73 in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, several residents stood outside for hours as federal workers failed to locate the keys to the facility.

“You can’t vote nor cast any type of ballot. They (the keys) are in a locked box and no one has the key,” Torsha Childs posted on Facebook. “You can’t even get inside the building, you are being turned away at the door way. WOW !!!”

Other voters had similar complaints at another location on 501 Carlton Ave near Barclays Center where one person in particular waited over three hours to vote:

“I have been here since 55a am…Still cannot vote. Machines are not up and there are no papr ballots,” @LammeGwanBadSug said in a Tweet.

Meanwhile, @heidiko44 claimed that the “scanner would not accept ballot Brooklyn District 30.”

When Jonathan Petersen went to vote at Sunset Park’s Marien-Heim senior center polling station on 4th Avenue, he was shocked to see his deceased mother’s name above his.

“All of a sudden, she’s on the voter rolls at my address, where she has never lived,” the shocked 63-year-old said. “I pointed it out to the woman and she wrote deceased next to her name. They didn’t even ask me to prove that she was dead.”

Petersen said his mom, Helen, passed away in 2010 and hadn’t voted in more than a decade.

He did change her address to his following her death to get any mail she might receive, but said he didn’t think that would automatically register her to vote there.

“Is it possible that someone has been voting using her name for a few years?” he wondered. Source

Check later this evening for election results.

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  1. Another poll attempting to falsify votes for Cruz or the Demoncraps. And a deceased persons name on the voters list? Seems as though they should truly ask for not only picture ID along with proof of address and SS card.

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