Marines Alter Fitness Plan To Accommodate Women

In the Marines’ new fitness plan pullups won’t be necessary – a move designed to accommodate women.  


The Marine Times reported on 4/18 that Marine leaders proposed  a series of new physical tests that would no longer require pullups for women who would have otherwise needed to complete 10 of them to accrue a max score on that portion of the exam.

Men need to complete 20.

The change is likely in response to a disproportionate amount of men passing the fitness exam compared to women – further proof that the genders are both psychologically and physically different.

Women would still be required to demonstrate an ability to complete fixed-arm hangs.

Originally, fitness requirements were more equal however data collected in 2013 found that 55 percent of females couldn’t meet minimum standards to pass and a study of 318 female recruits found that they could only complete 1.63 pullups on average (only if they kicked their feet for momentum.)

The statistics reignited debates on whether or not women should be serving on the front lines of the military.

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