Top 10 Reasons Why Modern Day Liberals Are Manginas

Leftists are over-sensitive pansies.  


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Don’t confuse classical Thomas Jeffersonian liberalism with modern day regressive liberalism – there is a huge difference between the two.  Today’s leftists are, by far, the most effeminate cucks you will ever meet.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why regressives are the biggest pansies on the face of the planet.  Enjoy.

10 – Militant Support For Homosexuals

The problem here isn’t that they support gay marriage (even though We The Vigilant firmly believes in traditional marriage) – it’s that they seek out Christian businesses to attack for committing the thought crime of exercising religious liberty which has been guaranteed under the first amendment.  The regressive support for the homosexual community has nothing to do with “equality” and everything to do with bullying Christians and conservatives.

Also, they whine and complain about gay rights on domestic soil while ignoring the abuse/murder of homosexuals committed by Wahabiists in Muslim countries.

9 – They Are All Hypocrites

They claim to be “tolerant” and “understanding” while labeling anyone who doesn’t perfectly align with their distorted and myopic worldview as “hateful” and “racist.”  The reality is, most regressives only care about the concept of tolerance when it enables them to silence conservatives and libertarians.

They argue with a false sense of moral superiority in order to endlessly regurgitate social justice warrior buzzwords (racist, sexist, homophobic, etc) without the need for facts or figures.

This failed debate tactic allows them to slander their opposition as sub-human so as to discredit all opposing positions without using intelligent counter-arguments.

Also, only a petty little twit would celebrate the death of another human being because of political differences.

8 – They Are Perpetually Offended

This characteristic is perhaps the most effeminate of them all – regressives are delicate little mentally ill jelly fish who will completely implode at the sight of the most “triggering” aspects of life such as the word “Trump” written in chalk, phrases like “America is a melting pot,” sumbreros and Halloween parties.

Whether it’s microaggressions, political correctness or “hate speech” – regressive liberals are absolutely obsessed with appealing to emotion over reason and they are incapable of constructing an argument without mindlessly accusing something, somewhere, somehow of being “hateful.” They have an unhealthy lust for empathy and would rather bathe in a cauldron of victimhood than develop the ability to overcome life’s challenges.

They practically worship radical Islam and support open border policies designed to flood the United States with tens of thousands of rapeugees all under the guise of political correctness – otherwise known as tyranny with manners.

7 – They Hate Masculinity

Anything remotely masculine is automatically deemed “hateful” or “sexist” by these wussies because they lack testosterone and a set of testicles. Strong, assertive characteristics are routinely tossed aside within their social circles while beta-mentality cuckolding is lauded as trendy, liberal and cool.

Regressives astonishingly believe that there are zero differences between the two sexes and anyone who acknowledges apparent differences must be a hateful bigot.  Therefore, according to SJW cucks – the male protective instinct is a construct of the oppressive white “cis gendered” sexist patriarchal agenda.

Evidently, biology is sexist (and women should be competing against men in the NFL).

In addition, regressive leftists don’t believe in gender roles and many of them are convinced that it is totally normal for otherwise well-adjusted men to act like women or vice versa.

One can only assume that science must be triggering.

6 – Militant Support For Trannies

Let me make one thing very clear – trannies suffer from gender dysphoria which has been classified by the DSM as a mental disorder. Anyone who is thinking about mutilating their own body because they “feel” like a woman or “feel” like a man should seek psychological counseling immediately.

Regressive leftists believe transgenders should be, instead, celebrated as heroes for having the courage to dismember themselves – they call this “love.”

Of course, true “love” would entail referring trannies to the nearest psychologist but treating a mental disorder as a mental disorder is racist (or something).  If I were to pour drano over my eyes to render myself trans-blind nobody would celebrate it, yet men can prance around in dresses and leftists respond by describing their behavior as an expression of who they truly are.

Regressive men not only believe we should be celebrating and promoting the transexual agenda – they also believe those creatures should be afforded the right to use the same bathrooms and dressing rooms as little girls. .

5 – They Are Anti-Gun

Regressives do not understand the meaning of the second amendment nor do they understand how to hold a firearm (let alone use one) – they despise the right to keep and bear arms, they despise the constitution, the despise the Bill of Rights and they despise individual liberty…because apparently freedom is mean.

These “men” operate under the false assumption that firearms can somehow grow legs, grow arms and facilitate a mass murder of epic proportions.

Most regressives have never been shooting and many of them are absolutely clueless  about guns or gun safety, they would rather run around like chickens with their heads cut off crying to their mommies than get educated on how to properly use a firearm to protect themselves.

4 – They Sympathize With Pedophiles


Regressives believe that holding pedophiles accountable for being sick, disgusting, reprobate pieces of trash is “mean” and “hateful” so they publish articles that humanize them in an apparent effort to brand pedophilia as just another sexual orientation.

You see, criticizing nasty perversions might hurt someone’s feelings!

3 – They Hate Themselves

White regressives hate themselves – they’re cucks who believe in fiction like “white privilege” (despite it being discredited multiple times) and the idea that slavery is an original sin all white people must atone for every day of their lives.  In addition, they teach other whites to hate themselves, to grovel at the feet of minorities and to classify all dissenting views as “racist” for no discernible reason.

2 – They Are Male Feminists

Feminism is a bank-rolled movement crafted to drive a wedge between man and woman, it coincides directly with a recent rise in divorce rates and it is obviously more about attacking classical masculinity than spreading useful information on genuine women’s rights issues.

Most regressives identify as “male feminists” in a desperate, sad attempt to get a girlfriend.

It never works.

1 – They Want To Turn America Into A Third-World Nightmare

We can’t protect the southern border because it’s “hateful” and we can’t ban Islamic refugees from seeking asylum in America because it’s “mean” and “racist,” we can’t protect the nuclear family because it’s “homophobic,” regressives vehemently oppose anything that would even remotely prioritize American interests due to twisted P.C. ideologies peddled by corporate media outlets and university professors.

Their views are aligned perfectly with the globalist agenda which is aimed at bankrupting the United States, selling it out to foreign interests and devolving it into a third-world nightmare.

Overall, regressives have proven to be cuckolds who are more than willing to compromise the best interests of their own country.  They live in an inverted reality in which they’ve been carefully manipulated to appeal to politically correct nut jobs while virtue signaling to their Starbucks drinking, pink apron wearing, anti-capitalist, anti-free speech, perpetually offended, pseudointellectual friends who can barely tie their own shoelaces.


About the Author

Benjamin Knight
Benjamin Knight, the founder of We the Vigilant and host of The Maverick Podcast, was born in Engelwood, New Jersey. He is a Bible believing Christian, a right-wing Libertarian and a nationalist who is dedicated to fighting back against cultural Marxism and globalism. In his free time, Knight enjoys triggering leftists, shooting guns and being an American.

4 Comments on "Top 10 Reasons Why Modern Day Liberals Are Manginas"

  1. Eh, I’m a liberal person and almost none of this list applies to me. There are shades of gray you know. I’m very much into game, being a man, and not a feminist.

    10) I’m not out supporting gay rights, but I also don’t really care. They can get married if they want, half of marriages end in divorce anyways.

    9) Yeah, I agree. Lot’s of liberal people are like this. It’s infuriating.

    8) Yeah, I agree again. This is universal now. Can’t make jokes, can’t speak your mind. Ridiculous how are society is now.

    7) Fuck that. I am very masculine and proud of it.

    6) Don’t really care. Nah, I think it’s something they’re born with. I’m also more than happy to have a tranny go use the bathroom and not stand next to me. Why the hell do men want them to share the bathroom with them, is beyond me.

    5) I don’t really care either. I think mass shootings are a mental and lack mental health care issue. Not a gun issue. No, I don’t have a gun, and don’t really want one. If you think I’m not a man because I don’t have a gun or want one, you’re a fucking idiot.

    4) What? Why would I sympathize With pedophiles?

    3) I don’t hate myself. I also don’t apologize for using every advantage I have had to get ahead and live life I do.

    2) I sure am not a feminists. I also have no issues banging one.

    1) I have huge issues with the global corporate agenda. I agree that people are selling out our country. You’re a fool if you think politicians on both sides aren’t equally responsible for this.

    • This was meant for modern day “regressive” leftists – not classical Thomas Jeffersonian liberals like yourself who just want to live and let live. Thanks for your input.

  2. Amen, Ben! It proves that They don’t know WHO or WHAT they truly are. Therefore, they are unAmerican and semi-human!
    I could be wrong about their being semi human though.

  3. Nice article Ben. I couldn’t agree more.

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