Muslim Asylum Seekers Trash Holiday Homes, Burn Carpets

Holiday resort in Brons, Denmark trashed by Islamic migrants.  


Islamic asylum seekers in Brons, Denmark completely devastated a holiday resort near Varde after landlord Alice Lauridsen rented out several cabins to 100 migrants through Immigration Service.

According to Lauridsen, the Islamic radicals “jumped on and urinated on” the mattresses, lit carpets on fire and left huge burn marks everywhere.

“My big dining table is broken into pieces of firewood. Everything is torn completely apart, and only the lamps have survived,” she said to a Danish newspaper.

What she thought was a noble act quickly turned into a nightmare.

“I felt both, I did a good deed, and I would also be able to earn some money, and I felt comfortable with it since I only rented out to families with children. But after only five days all the furniture were destroyed. Friends have told me that on weekends asylum seekers came from centers nearby and held huge parties. The living room was used as a cycling track and for roller skating,” she said.

Windows were reportedly shattered so many times that maintenance installed plexiglass to keep them from breaking.

The damages totaled 1.3 million DKK.

“I have cried many tears over it,” she revealed. “It has been painful that I have been forced to see that my house was destroyed without being able to do anything about it. For I could not prevent them from destroying the house.”

The incident was a stark reminder that Muslim migrants coming from primitive cultures are incapable of assimilating into western society. When given an opportunity to live like normal human beings, these people often relapse and act like animals instead.

It is this behavior that the elite are attempting to harness and use for the purpose of facilitating civil unrest.

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