Poll: Two Thirds Of British Muslims Would Not Report A Terror Plot To The Police

A staggering number of British Muslims would choose not to report terror plots to the police, one in four support Sharia law.  


Image source: The Daily Wire

A new poll conducted by ICM for Channel 4 concluded that only 34 percent of Muslims in Britain would report a terrorist plot to the police if they suspected that someone near them was planning an attack.

46 percent said they would attempt to dissuade a terrorist while an astonishing 37 percent said they would not inform law enforcement officials.

Former head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission Trevor Phillips said the survey described the results as “extremely worrying” while also explaining that hundreds of thousands of Muslims would do nothing to foil a potential terror attack.

“On specific issues – families, sexuality, gender, attitudes towards Jews and on questions of violence and terrorism – the center of gravity of British Muslim opinion is some distance away from the center of gravity of everyone else’s opinion,” Phillips said.

“One in six Muslims say they would like to live more separately, a quarter would like to live under sharia law. It means that as a society we have a group of people who basically do not want to participate in the way that other people (do),” he added.

Phillips concluded that lawmakers in Europe need to push for change now before its too late:

“We are more nervous about Muslims because we feel people will be offended. But my view is that looking at the results of this survey, which have surprised me, that we have gone beyond the situation where we can say: ‘OK, don’t worry; they will come around in time,’ because that is not going to happen we have to make things change now.”

The most shocking finding from the survey was that one in four Muslims expressed support for Sharia Law in Britain.

In addition – 31 percent of the participants supported polygamy.

The Independent and The Huffington Post argued that the survey was unfair due to it consisting only of Muslims living in areas that are poorer and less integrated.


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  1. Say goodbye to the sane world. The insanely murderous are walking all over us!

    Not this good ole boy!

    • Yeah. I feel sorry for all the city dwellers. Heck, even the burbs aren’t safe. I’m glad I live in the sticks.

  2. 34% seems to be awfully high. 34 out of 100? I don’t see it. I’m not sure it’s even out of the single digit’s.

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