Women Need To Be Liberated From Government

Government intervention is like an addictive drug. Once that first dose is taken, more and larger doses are required in the future.  


By Chris Rossini | Ron Paul Liberty Report

Every government intervention creates ever larger problems, and they keep piling up until something breaks.

The United States federal government is the largest in the world. In fact, it’s the largest government that has ever existed when it comes to welfare and warfare. As such, keeping such a government afloat is not cheap. The tax victims have to work like dogs. There are direct taxes that everyone can see, as well as hidden taxes that nefariously pick our pockets without our even noticing.

One income for a family has been largely squashed by the government. Only the wealthy have such a luxury that was once commonplace in an earlier and much freer America. Now women, for the most part, must work in order for a family to make ends meet, and to fund the biggest government in the world.

Should women always have the freedom to work? Yes, of course. Are there women who are fulfilling their dreams and economic desires? Yes, of course. Should women be forced into the workforce because one income can’t keep their family above water. No way!

Most people, thanks to never-ending propaganda will attribute women in the workforce as the great accomplishment of feminism, and that women have been “liberated”. But do the masses of women who work at subsistence jobs, and who hate those jobs, and who despise clocking in everyday really consider themselves “liberated”? There’s no way to calculate subjective motivations, but you can use your imagination and draw logical conclusions.

What if it were possible to live on one income? How many of these “liberated” women would walk into their bosses offices and give their two weeks notice?

Once again, should women always have the freedom to work? Yes, of course. But let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that the masses of women who are working to keep the biggest government in the world from bankruptcy is some kind of “liberation”.

The U.S. government is not a “liberator”. Just ask the Iraqis, the Libyans, the Syrians, the Afghanis, and on and on. 

Women need to be liberated from government.



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  1. Let’s say this. The “Intelligent and Open Minded” women know they are not subjected, nor oppressed.
    It is those which always look for something to complain about because they are dissatisfied with themselves. Much like some men!

    The liberals need to realize, that it is the liberal RACISTS and feminists “pretending” to be the answer that are their curse!

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