Rand Paul Introduces Legislation To Prohibit Drone Surveillance On U.S. Soil

Senator Paul’s amendment protects privacy and ensures that drone technology cannot be abused.  


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Kentucky Senator Rand Paul introduced an amendment to the FAA Authorization Act on 4/8 designed to prohibit law enforcement officials from using drone technology to spy on innocent Americans without a warrant.

“The use of drone surveillance may work on the battlefields overseas, but it isn’t well-suited for unrestrained use on the streets in the United States,” Sen. Paul said in a press release.  “Congress must be vigilant in providing oversight to the use of this technology and protection for rights of the American people. I will continue to fight to protect and uphold our Fourth Amendment.”

The purpose of the amendment is to restrict drone usage on U.S. soil and to “ensure the protection of every American citizen’s right to constitutional privacy protections.”

“Just as we have rules of the road for manned vehicles, we now need rules of the sky for unmanned ones,” Democrat Senator Edward Markey said. “Requiring that law enforcement obtain a warrant before using a drone ensures we reap the economic and educational benefits of drones while ensuring the privacy of Americans is protected. I thank Senator Paul for his partnership on this amendment, and I look forward to fighting to ensure that Americans are guaranteed strong personal privacy protections as these new vehicles take flight.”

The amendment includes exceptions for an imminent threat to life and for patrolling national borders .

Technological advancements come with a price, they could be exploited by the government for nefarious means which is why it is prudent for lawmakers to enact rules and regulations designed to protect civil liberties.

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  1. The feds should not be able to spy on people without a warrant, good for Dr. Paul he is a great senator.

  2. Lol. What a joke! Not Rand Paul or any other Legislator is going to stop the Feds or anyone else from screwing the American public!
    I will agree, There are many who are NOT American and don’t belong here. Find them with the drones and report them. If terrorists, eliminate them!

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