Brussels Attacker Was A Syrian “Refugee”

Report from France newspaper proves that a Brussels terror plotter was a Muslim “refugee.”  


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The man who authorities said was the “man in the hat” seen walking alongside ISIS-linked suicide bombers inside Brussels Airport has been identified as a Syrian “refugee” who entered the country through Greece last September.

France’s Le Monde newspaper confirmed that the “man in the hat” was Naim al-Hamed who was a Syrian native born in 1988.  He arrived in Europe amongst the refugee wave last year by traversing through Greece.

Al-Hamed entered with Sofiane Ayari, another suspect in the Brussels terror attack who police captured along with Salah Abdeslam.  Even if Al-Hamed is not the “man in the hat” seen in surveillance videos of the attack, he is still a suspected accomplice of Khalid El-Bakraoui who blew himself up at the Maelbeek metro station.

Evidently, yet another wahhabist piece of trash exploited open border policies to enter Europe and kill innocent civilians in the name of Islam.

The new findings have reignited debates on the security risks with respect to Muslim refugees.

In December, ISIS bragged about utilizing the refugee crisis in order to carry out attacks on the west. Only a few months later, at least three men posed as “refugees” to enter France and carry out attacks in Paris.

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