22% of College Students Believe Universities Should Stifle Free Speech

College students reveal themselves to be fascists.  


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A recent Gallup survey concluded that a strong contingent of students at colleges and universities across America want to limit “hate speech” and speech that might offend people based on arbitrary factors, the Daily Caller reported on 4/6.

Gallup conducted a poll for the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation in which 78 percent of college students said campuses should be beacons of free speech and a space for differing worldviews.

However, 22 percent of college students (1 in 4) said college campuses should be a gentle “safe space” for students to be protected from speech that might offend them such as “hate speech” and irregular views on social and political issues.

Republican and independent students favored free speech in the polls moreso than liberal students.

American college students also believe their professors and administrators stifle free speech currently. A slight majority of students, 54 percent, say their campuses prevent certain people from expressing themselves to protect other people from being offended.

Perhaps bit surprisingly, given the censorship squabbles constantly emanating from U.S. college campuses, the 78 percent of American college students who broadly endorse free speech is higher than the percentage of American adults in general. Overall, just 66 percent of American adults in general endorse broad, unhindered free speech, according to the survey.  Source

The problem with the politically correct brigade is they arbitrarily define “hate speech” as anything they find offensive, making it an excuse for social justice warrior psychos to censor anything and everything under the guise of “tolerance.”  Most recently, leftists argued that “Thomas the Tank Engine” was racist (this is not satire) in what was yet another example of their stupidity knowing no bounds.

Liberals also threw a hissy fit this past week over a GAP ad in which a young white girl happened to be leaning on a young black girl in what any sane person would have thought was a cute picture.

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